You should start a team now!

When paranormal research and investigation was becoming a thing in the early 2000’s few truly realized how far back it all really went. The introduction of para-tv brought the field into the eye of the public and and all the glory and dissent that goes with such things. The incredibly huge influx of teams being created made it more difficult for, lack of a better way of putting it, those of us who take it seriously to gain ground. Many teams were popping up all for the glory of television with that being their primary goal. In this we had too many investigators lacking form and function. Too many investigators not doing followups. I could go on with that but simply put… too many tv-wannabes making the field look even worse than it had before.

The paranormal-main stream truly started causing some harm. But a lot of good came of it as well.

More locations had begun to be more open to letting teams in. More notice was gained. And it even brought more teams into the main stream. Quick note, I got no problem with teams aiming for T.V. or film. Do what you do and show the world.

So here we are. It’s no longer mainstream. It’s just a thing. It exists. It’s no longer this wild craze. It even brought some good investigators into the field. A lot of the locations that had opened their doors to us allowed them to remain open. And, thankfully, a lot of bad investigators and teams have dwindled away as their hopes and dreams of becoming T.V. stars abruptly stopped short.

If you’ve ever wanted to be in the field or once were but stopped for whatever reason now is your time to take up the mantle and get in the field. It’s now a norm. Bad teams and investigators have mostly went away. And, as stated before, more locations are now available to you. You have the advantage of all this. And not having to suffer through endless treachery to try and gain ground and do what you love. A plethora of locations are available to you, some free and some paid. It doesn’t matter.

Take advantage of this new norm.