Perished Monks Reveal Themselves in Video

Ghostly monks have been caught on film in England.

A group of British ghost hunters have captured a compelling piece of video during an investigation in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

The video purports to show the ghosts of seven monks who had perished in a fire at the location half of a century ago, when the building connected to a church.

“The group used a Ouija board, and held hands, calling out for spirits to show themselves, but did not realise they had been enveloped by the mist until Roberts showed them the CCTV.

“[Lee] Roberts [who filmed the mist]… has been investigating the paranormal for over 20 years, [and] said: ‘I’m very scientifically minded and I’m usually able to explain nine out of 10 “ghost sightings” or pictures I see through natural means, however I simply can’t explain this one.'”

You can see the video and read more here.