Leon & the Georgia Ghost Hunters Interview

What is your name?
Leon Wilkes

What is your teams name? What is their website (if applicable)?
The Georgia Ghost Hunters

What are your team duties?
I am the Co-Founder. I am the Case Manager, and I am the Lead Investigator along with the other Lead Investigator and Founder Ginger Yarbrough.

How many years experience do you have in the field?
I have roughly 6 years experience investigating the paranormal.

What got you into ghost hunting and paranormal investigating?
I have always loved the strange world of the paranormal but it was a house that I lived in when I was 12 that got me started. I truly believe that the house had a demonic entity in it. That house set me on my journey to find answers about the paranormal.

What is the best experience you’ve ever had during an investigation?
It has to be the investigation where we went to a still acting church. We were contacted by the pastor to investigate. During the investigation Ginger and myself were in the main hallway. All of a sudden we heard some movement in the women’s bathroom so of course we go to investigate. While we were in there we saw a figure standing outside of the window looking in at us and then it disappeared. We go outside to the exact window to see if anyone could be standing there so we could go ahead and dismiss it as paranormal or not. To our shock the window was about 20 feet off of the ground. There was no way that someone could be standing, it had to be paranormal.

Have you ever been scared of an experience and if so what happened?
Shockingly No

Where has your favorite place been to investigate?
There is this one place that is an historic plantation house that dates back to 1814. General Sherman stayed at this house while he was traveling to Savannah. Well during this investigation we caught an EVP of a voice that the client confirmed was the voice that keeps waking her up at night. But we caught the most shocking piece of evidence while we were there. We caught a bugle playing the military song taps. It took my breath away!

What location would you most like to investigate?
I would love to investigate the whole city of Savannah. Speaking of which we will be investigating the oldest hospital in the state of Georgia which is there in Savannah in October. We are psyched!

Any advice for the would-be ghost hunters?
Knowledge is key! The more knowledge you have the more you can help the client. One important thing is that from time to time you will run up on people in the paranormal community who are jealous of you and will try to discredit you in anyway possible. Don’t be that kind of person and if you are experiencing that then just ignore them. Trust me in the long run they will shoot themselves in the foot. Oh and always have integrity!!

Any advice for people who are experiencing paranormal events?
If you are experiencing paranormal events it may not be paranormal. 90% of cases can be explained away logically. But if you are not sure that’s why paranormal investigators are here to help. One other thing before you invite people into your homes without knowing them do me a favor and run a background check on them. I am not going to name any names but I know that there is one well known investigator out of Georgia that people need to watch around their kids. Please do thorough background checks on people you let into your home.

Any last words?
I remember one time someone asked me why do I hunt for ghosts because ghosts don’t exist. They actually said that what I did was silly. So I took a saying from one of my favorite movies,” Sometimes shit happens and who ya gonna call?”

Editors Note
While I haven’t actually met Leon I do know of him and have spoken to him before. He and his team are a fine group of investigators that have an amazing reputation in Georgia. I am personally honored that he is the first interviewee and I hope to post more interviews with him and other team members of The Georgia Ghost Hunters in the future. Good luck GGH and keep up the great work!

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