Haunting Review: Ghost Hunters

Tonight’s episodes raised a lot of eyebrows, but not just for their skillful and systematic investigation techniques but also because of their special guest investigators, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. The best way I can find to express my feelings towards the episode is a quote from the Prophet Chuck ‘It’s really not jumping the shark if you never come back down.’ Tonight, Jay and Grant have crash landed. We will address the philosophical implications of shark jumping another time, but for now let’s cover the episode.

It started off like any other episode, Jay and Grant pretending to learn about a place they’ve problem known about for ages, the same way you would entertain a child telling you how their day was at school. A pat on the head to Kris Williams and a gold star later, the team was off to Rhodes Hall. The team pulls up and conducts the walk through, but the real excitement begins when the housewives pull up. Like a bag of trash falling out of the back of a beat up truck with Jersey plates, out come the housewives, loud and obnoxious off the bat.

Now I can’t be too mean because when they went ‘lights out’ they were all business. A bit skiddish at few unexplained knocks the housewives quickly developed an appetite for the paranormal (insert anorexia joke here). Meanwhile Kris and Ami were off investigating the basement when startled by strange sounds. Intrigued they decided to conduct some EVP work which opened the door for a undocumentable, but overall cool personal experience, that from this armchair quarterback’s opinion seemed to resemble contact with ectoplasm. Steve and Tango worked on debunked an old mirror that supposedly you would see the spirit of a child behind you. They chalked it up to your eyes playing tricks on you and warping in an old mirror.

When the curtain fell and evidence analyzed there was just a weak EVP that in their heyday would have made Jason Hawes ninja kick Brian Harnois in the throat and a load of personal experiences. While the episode was entertaining enough it left me with a bad feeling in my stomach that cross-overs like tonight are going to be more common place and even worse, more awkward. The cast of Warehouse 13 was great and Meatloaf has become one of favorite guests with his cool shirts and go get ’em attitude towards paranormal investigating, but this is one crow (or 3 depending how look at it) that wont caw. With the season finale a week away I can’t help but wonder what’s in store next season for the TAPS team, and will duds like tonight’s be dropped again?

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