Haunting Review: Ghost Adventures

Tonight’s episode is yet another example of the vigorously aggressive ascension of Ghost Adventures to top dog status. The location of tonight’s adventure was Old Fort Eerie. Typically on ghost shows one’s learned to moan when hearing of a potential fort investigation, but tonight was something stellar.

I’ll admit, when I first started watching GA the small reenactments and shaky camera angles during interviews was, I thought, a bit amateurish, but through time I’ve grown to love them. The episode included interviews with the standard employees/care takers including one very large and seeming no nonsense man who Zak dubbed Bluto. His sauntering in and out of shots and crew members ducking away was a nice touch of comic relief.

The high point of the show was when another employee came to serve as a trigger object, or as he said it, ‘live bait’. While doing a solo EVP in the officers kitchen the employee who was dressed either in period piece or as the Mad Hatter form Alice In Wonderland bore witness to an apparition of a shadow figure. The camera captured a very detailed arm that morphed into something else and darted off. Stellar work again, but from this team is something we have all come to expect.

The lowest point as always, is Zaks take on Jerry Springer’s ‘Final Thought’. Splicing in EVPs to a final word that either states the obvious or reads way to far into some of the evidence gathered. All in all a more than great episode.

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