Haunting Review of Paranormal Witness

SyFy’s new show, Paranormal Witness aired last night following Ghost Hunters (who’s season is off to a pretty decent start..) and I must say, IT’S GREAT. A great throwback to those reenactment shows most of us grew up with. Narrated by the people who lived the events, and portrayed by slightly better looking versions of said people.

Also, the show is actually a little scary too! No quick and easy EVPs followed by a Jay and Grant fist bump, but stories ending with people saying nuts to this and moving out of their houses. All of this combined with a great time slot make it seem like a show that will last at least a few seasons. Let’s just hope there wasn’t any network ‘tweaking’ done after the pilot was shot.

I’ll keep watching for sure, and highly encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already.