Ghost at Decebal Hotel

This is a picture of a ghost at the Decebal Hotel taken by Victoria Iovan in 2008. The hotel itself is 150 years old and local police warn people from entering the structure due to its age and perhaps it’s lack of maintenance.

At first glance two things came to mind for me. I believed it was simple matrixing but as I’ve noted in the past I tend to question obvious matrix-like material that has very human features. In my experience, matrix sightings tend to look distorted and only a hint of what people are seeing. What I mean is, often when someone sees a face in random patterns it doesn’t look very human.

This does not mean to simply accept a human figure, face, or what have you as a legitimate sighting but… I think it stands to reason to further investigate the sighting.

Great picture, I think. But I would love to see more shots of the same area to see if similar results occur.

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