Future Ghosts

Thanks to technological advances, exposure to the subject through television, and the taboo on the subject being lifted, we know more about the paranormal, and the afterlife than ever before.

With that said how will our ghosts react to the future ghost hunters?

Anyone who has ever been on a hunt knows that sometimes a spirit can seem skiddish, or hesitant to approach us. While it could very well be a ‘ghost code of ethics’, it could also be a fear of the technology, a lack of understanding of the afterlife on their part or a combination of all three.

With a whole generation glued to their televisions watching these shows and hunting their neighborhoods what we know and what we can expect after death could not be more different than what the spirits we hunt know understood.

IR, cameras, EVPs, hacked radios, it’s all so new. For them. For us on the other hand growing up with Nintendo, computer classes, cellphones, will we be as scared of the technological advances brought forth after our deaths?

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