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I’ve been seeing lists going around about random things so I thought “why not make one for ghost hunters?” We want to learn and understand things about ourselves and our environment. sometimes we may go outside of the box but it’s to quench our thirst of knowledge. Part of that is believing that something of …

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Yep, that is the name of the new show created, produced, hosted and OMG Bro’d, by none other than Douche Baggins (I kid, Zak and I go way back. (I kid again, we’ve never met, but I’d like the chance)). HERE is a big ass article and interview about it.   Sound off! Whatchall crazy …

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Is this a monster, an alien or a ghost caught on camera? Click the link to decide for yourself! For me though, both of these seem way to good to be true.. UPDATE: Take a look at this great example of using photoshop to help debunk pictures.

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