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Alrighty then, so you’ve read our awesome and inspirational product review of several popular models of digital recorders and gone and investigated to your fullest. Now what? Yep, you guessed it. The least glamorous part of the job. The job you can’t even pass off to the new kid on the team because it’s so …

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Of the items considered to be essential to the paranormal investigator one could argue that the digital recorder ranks among the top, if not the most important tool. Relatively low in cost and could potentially bring in loads of evidence, every investigator has a few in his collection. But with the market saturated by every …

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For a majority of paranormal researchers, the EMF detector will be their first piece of supernatural-specific equipment.  Choosing the particular device most suited to your style of research can be a daunting task, and with a multitude of functions, manufacturers, and retailers to consider, the process can become downright frustrating. There are 3 common ways …

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Tonight’s episode is yet another example of the vigorously aggressive ascension of Ghost Adventures to top dog status. The location of tonight’s adventure was Old Fort Eerie. Typically on ghost shows one’s learned to moan when hearing of a potential fort investigation, but tonight was something stellar.

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Tonight’s episodes raised a lot of eyebrows, but not just for their skillful and systematic investigation techniques but also because of their special guest investigators,

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This is a photo of paranormal Investigator and Psychic Medium Jeanette Q. Baird from France. It occurred, however, in New Mexico. The investigators believe it to be the image of a real ghost that haunts a young single mother in Roswell. Is this a photo of a real demonic possession ?

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