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In 2012 and 2013, along with my team, I created two paranormal documentaries. After screening them in my hometown to crowds in the hundreds we uploaded them to Youtube, and again they were met with great success. Tens of thousands have watched our piece of the paranormal world and hundreds of comments in support for …

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This was captured at a recent investigation and I really wanted to get our readers take on it. We’ve tested it and tried to debunk it as much as we could but so far we can’t figure it out. It doesn’t appear in any other photos and we have tried to recreate it. Thanks!

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Verifiable Evidence is the working title of the documentary myself and my team have been working on for the last year and finally it’s almost ready to be released. A private screening will be held at the Paranormal Kicks Cancer event September 24th, 2011 after which the documentary will be available for free through Youtube. …

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This is an EVP that was presented to us which is claimed to say “Jack, you are forbidden to talk on this channel”. And I must admit, I hear it. As it goes, 10~ seconds before this another voice came through which “What is your name?” was answered with “Jack”. Moments after, this EVP came …

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Got a Canon point and shoot? Well head on over to CHDK and see if you can unlock loads of new features for your camera!

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To many ghost hunters, catching ghost evidence on video is the “holy grail” of ghost hunting. The problem is that getting advertised-IR cameras can be expensive and if you buy a cheap brand you generally get cheap results. I’m here today to share with you a small “secret” I’ve kept to myself for some time …

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