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via ReviveUSA October 27, 1940: On This Forgotten Day in Houston, 1940, the Chronicle reported on the possibility of turning the Jefferson Davis Hospital into a contagious disease center. Actually, the old hospital served many purposes such as a psychiatric hospital, and a records storage center for Harris County. But becoming one of the most …

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This was captured at a recent investigation and I really wanted to get our readers take on it. We’ve tested it and tried to debunk it as much as we could but so far we can’t figure it out. It doesn’t appear in any other photos and we have tried to recreate it. Thanks!

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i asked if they had any messages and at 15 secs it replies with (what message) these are all original hd videos and im going to try and clean them all up, this is new to me.the sb7 works great as you have hardly any radio stations coming through just more replies definatly a step …

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Photos and EVP captured at a very old cemetery I found on the website is a really good resource if you are into paranormal research or cemetery photography to discover some hidden gems in your area. Check them out! Hope you enjoy the video! Thanks for watching!

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Unseen Forces of South Jersey captures this EVP in the library of Pennypacker Mills during a March investigation. Listen at the end of the clip! For More goto

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Here is a recording of my first time experimenting with what some call a Ghost Box . The Radio is a hacked 12-469 from Radio Shack. From this recording I must admit that some of the possible response’s are surprising and or just to damn coincidental you decide. Recording was done at home. (Not Haunted) …

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